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Frequently asked Questions

Here are the questions frequently asked by our customers. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do your capsules work?
Our capsules have the same format as Nespresso Classic capsules (excluding Vertuo)
Are your capsules really biodegradable?
Our capsules are biodegradable and compostable by an industrial composter, just like by a home composter
What are Café Graal capsules made of?
Café Graal capsules are made from an oil harvested from the fermentation of plant waste. It is entirely designed from organic components and energies.
What happens if your capsules end up in the sea, or in the trash?
Our capsules have the same value as organic waste. In any environment with a certain level of humidity (soil, sea, composter, etc.), they completely degrade without leaving any trace and without any negative effect on fauna or flora. Unlike aluminum and plastic capsules that stagnate on oceans or mountains of waste, our capsules leave no trace of their passage.
How long does it take for your capsules to fully break down?
Our capsules fully decompose in 26 weeks in a composter.
Where do Café Graal coffees come from?
Our coffees are all blends, that is to say mixtures of coffees made to enhance the taste. The coffees that make up our blends come from various origins across the world: India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Guatemala... The goal being to offer you a real journey of flavors
What's inside your capsules?
Unfortunately, nothing more than coffee. Our capsules contain only coffee, and our coffees are guaranteed free of any chemical substances such as additives, preservatives, colorings or the like...

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