Frequently Asked

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What are the caps made

All of our capsules are made from natural starch. In fact, we avoid using aluminum that is harmful to health and polluting the soil.

How do I choose the strength of my coffee?

We think tastes are in nature! Nevertheless, we try through our descriptions to provide you with all the information relating to the coffees in order to guide you in your selection.

What material do you use for your packaging?

We believe that protecting the planet cannot be improvised! This is why we have opted for boxes made from recycled cardboard fibers as well as labels made from natural and recyclable materials.

Are your capsules compatible with nespresso machines?

All our capsules are compatible with machines using Nespresso technology (excluding Vertuo)

What are your delivery times?

We are dependent on efficient delivery services. In order to reduce delivery times as much as possible, we have selected numerous delivery options.

Are the rules on your website secure?

The payments you make on our site are managed by our payment providers Stripe and Paypal. They are world leaders in the management of secure payments.

In this way, we ensure an optimal level of security.

What is the advantage of opting for a subscription?

The interest of the subscription is above all simplicity. Indeed, the subscription allows you to receive your coffee at home with the greatest simplicity.